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New Year

New Year's Ritual: Sweep, Smudge and Blessing Jar

Sweep your main living area, entryway, or porch, to sweep out the old and allow the new to enter.

Smudge around the room using a sweetgrass or sage smudging bundle (mine also includes lavender) and feather.

Smudge and say prayers of your own choosing, in each of the four directions, east, west, north and south:

East represents "luminosity" , giving individuals the ability to see all that is around them from a spiritual perspective.

West represents the inner heart and soul.

North represents knowledge, wisdom and purification of the heart, mind and soul.

South represents the physical self.

Say a prayer of thanksgiving, and ask your spirit guides for safety, security and direction for the coming year.

Make a blessing jar...

Into a vase, jar, or bottle (which symbolizes protection), put;

a small bag of soil (for abundance)

a coin (for prosperity)

a fabric bag of salt (for purification)

a crystal (for vision)

an arrowhead (for guidance)

a tiny fabric bag of herbs (for grounding)

left over candle (for focus)

a cross (for balance)

a feather (for freedom)

a clipping of hair from each family member (for unity)

an old key (for opportunity)

a small mirror (for truth)

a piece of red paper (for memory)

a small fabric bag of raw rice (for fertility)

a ring (for love)

a runestone (for communication)

a shell (for choices)

a small fabric bag of loose tea (for awareness)

a small paper folded fan (for healing)

a rubber band (for flexibility)

a letter that contains this list and what you hope to accomplish this year, sealed inside an envelope (for happiness)

(You need not have everything on this list, select what is important to you)

Seal the jar with the lid, or cover the bottle or vase with a piece of fabric and a rubberband or string or ribbon. Place your blessing jar either just inside or outside your front door until next New Years Eve...

Feel free to share and report this, the more blessing jars, smudging and rituals performed around the world the stronger the positive energy is for all...

Courtesy of Circle of Sisterhood (yahoo group)

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