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I went to the hospital last night. I was bleeding some (not much, but enough to get alarmed). I was diagnosed with what is called a "threatened miscarriage". I have a 50% chance of losing my baby.

Now when I first went into the hospital and had the pelvic exam, I was told I was starting to miscarry and nothing could be done. I was losing my baby. I sat there stunned. I had been feeling fine. Why was this happening!?

I sat there and prayed. I didn't ask why this was happening, just prayed for my baby and to let my baby have the strength to stay with me. I then saw the ultrasound tech. She showed me and Ryan our baby. A little grain of rice is what the baby looks like at 5 weeks and 6 days but the heart beat was there and strong. The baby was attached and the bleeding might have been from that. It is cause for concern, but it happens a lot. 20% of all women. So far, I have hope. My baby is strong and the heart beat is good and strong. The baby is beautiful, even at this stage. I still *feel* ok. Good even. I just need more bed rest and to not lift anything. I walked out last night with 50% and when I went in, I had 0% chance of keeping the baby. Prayers do work.

I know this might sound cheesy, but I'm asking anyone who wants to to pray to whatever God or Gods they want and keep my baby in them. Send loving, healing thoughts to the baby and send my baby strength, please.
I have had so many times in my past that my prayers were heard and last night was no exception. I *know* the Goddess answered my prayers and I know she answered Ryan's. So, I'm asking my friends to just keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

I go to see the doctor on Monday and I'm hoping for a better prognosis. Anyway, Thanks to all of you. I have hope. This baby a Sullivan! A strong little warrior already. In that alone, I have hope for this baby.
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