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"Well behaved women seldom make history"

Wyld Wytchy Womyn
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We are a group of women who meet once a month for ritual and crafts. We are no "set" tradition, however many of us belong to a NROOGD coven. There is no High Preistess, no cords. If you would like to attend a ritual with us, please email us at the contact information above. If you are interested in leading a ritual or hosting one please email us at the contact information above! We look forward to getting to know you! Sorry boys, this one is just for the girls!
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And She will bring the buds in the spring,
And laugh amoung the flowers,
In summer heat her kisses are so sweet,
She loves in leafy bowers.
She cuts the cane and gathers the grain,
When autumn leaves surround her,
Her bones grow old and wintry cold.
She wraps her cloak around her.....

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.....said the Merlin, sitting very erect, "but the followers of Christ have chosen to say, not that THEY shall have no other Gods before their God, but that there is no other God; that HE alone made the world, that HE alone rules it, that HE alone made the beautiful stars and the whole of creation."

...."They believe," said Viviane, in her smooth low voice, "That there is no Goddess; for the principal of women, so they say, is the principal of evil; through woman, so they say, Evil entered into this world; there is some fantastic Jewish tale about an apple and a snake."

----From the Mists of Avalon, page eleven